Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bobby D

First post.  Thanks for the inclusion, Chach.  Believe it or not I am not listening to Bob as I type this here post.  Actually, Billy Joel's recount of recent history "We Didn't Start The Fire" blares from my apartment stereo bringing it all back home.
But more to the point--Bob Dylan.  What can I say?  Genius, reclusive hero, a gem in a barren pop cultural wasteland.  I posed a certain question to myself the other night drunk and more likely than not high.  Paul Simon or Bob Dylan?
Paul Simon's greatest hits careened from my midnight stereo at the time.  Funny, this is a Dylan blog so the answer is obvious in these friendly confines.
Billy Joel's "Down Easter Alexa" now off Storm Front.  Late 80s namesake of my sister.  I used to love this album.
Apologize I am slightly off the plot with this post.  Bob.  How can you blog about Bob?  Just the name itself calls to mind three legends.  Dylan (obviously), Marley, Deniro (in the acting realm).  Also not to be dismissed are Gibson, Feller and the inventor of the Delta blues himself, Robert Johnson.
In high school I actually played Bob Dylan in a history class mini-play.  I remember researching like a madman, trying to get into this elusive madman's head.  I remember distinctly that Bob would rummage through the newspapers, citing headlines, whatever, saying how the truth is crazier than fiction anyway and you couldn't make this stuff up.
Next post I'll throw on some Bob and dissect.  This is blogging warmups, preseason, hope I fit in and more to come.  Peace.


  1. Ray, welcome. I extended the invitation in great confidence. We are all looking forward to hearing from you, but please refrain from Paul Simon and Billy Joel references... haha !

  2. Nice warmup act, those were some interesting calisthenics... but let's get some lyrics up here gentleman, after all, it is a Bob Dylan "Lyrics" blog.

  3. Yeah, pretty lame. Apologize after the fact. Do want to put on the record that my favorite Dylan song is Mr. Tambourine Man. Magic.

    Lyrics, huh. Gotta be the phrase "Don't criticize what you can't understand" from The Times They Are A'Changin'.

    And I may be stating the obvious here but who knows yet, Richie Havens' rendition of Just Like a Woman is pretty classic.