Friday, February 13, 2009

And The Locusts Sang

Its that time of the year again and here I am once again without a valentine, but its all good, as Bob would say, life sometimes must get lonely. Dylan provides some relief though, for anyone is ever felt that right feeling inside his words reignite that flame, and even if you don't feel towards someone at the moment you can capture the essence of love in your soul like a memory passed down from The Giver. Here's just two examples:

"If not for you,
Winter would have no spring,
Couldn't hear the robin sing,
I just wouldn't have a clue,
Anyway it wouldn't ring true,
If not for you."

If Not For You - New Morning - 1970

"To be alone with you
At the close of the day
With only you in view
While evening slips away
It only goes to show
That while life's pleasures be few
The only one I know
Is when I'm alone with you."

To Be Alone With You - Nashville Skyline - 1969

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