Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stop Pickin' on the Jews

After a long hiatus from society I am returning with a simple thought on a great tune. After being thrown into Ryan Adams complete catalog and solving and great dilemma by concluding "Wonderwall" by Oasis is my favorite song of all time, I feel it I can now refocus on Bob Dylan. Thank you.


Song-Neighborhood Bully

I won't lie, I never attempted to connect with this song until Al threw it out there one day. Interesting enough we are talking about the Jews here man. Leave them be. It will never cease to be an international debate and they will always be wrong.  Israel and Palestine are still in the gird lock they were in over 25 years ago when this record was dropped. Here we go again. Bob writing a timeless classic from a non-scholar point of view that will soak into the minds of any open minded human once they are exposed. I don't think the song is limited to just Israel. It's also a statement for Jews in the diaspora as well. Similar to Africans (which Bob also had incredible insight on) they have faced persecution no matter what they accomplish. Overcoming socio-economic and inherently racist and prejudiced institutions. Thanks to Bob for writing this tune. That's all I really have to say. I'll be getting back into the swing of things. Its "Blonde On Blonde" time again.

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