Monday, January 19, 2009

ghost of anonymity

most casual dylan fans probably didn't know
"i'm not there" (the song), before the release
of the film of the same name,but this tiny gem,
hidden deep within the basement tapes(not the
officially released basement tapes), reveals its
beauty and passion quietly, while placing itself
firmly into the "haunted by love and confusion"
canon evidenced throughout bob's career.

"no i don't belong to her
i don't belong to anybody
she's my prize forsaken angel
but she don't care she cries
she's a lone-hearted mystic and she can carry on"

the idea that freedom has it's price in the hunger of
longing, all the while knowing that love is not possession,
and loss can make you both weak and strong , all themes
explored on blood on the tracks, time out of mind, desire,etc.

"now i'll cry tonight, like i cried the night before
and i'll feast on her eyes
but i'll dream about the door
so long, jesus, savior, blind faith worth to tell
it don't have consolation she's my fair thee well"

much like the narrator(s) of don't think twice and isis,
the storyteller wanders once again through time
and space and mind, knowing that loneliness
and emptiness can be self-imposed, and choices
are not always bad or good, right or wrong, coupled
with the hope that he'll get back there one day, and the
next time it will work out, or at least work out differently.
as in "like a rolling stone" the question is directed inward,
"how does it feel?"

"and i'm also hesitating by temptation lest it runs
which it don't follow me
but i'm not there, i'm gone"

in other words,"the only thing i knew how to do..."

if you have yet to rundown a copy of the five disc
genuine basement tapes, make it a priority. if you
love dylan, it's absolutely essential.


  1. and just what is the genuine 5 disc basement tape affair? is it an official release and when did it come out? can i get to the hills of mexico from there, padre? one for my baby or one for the road, jack? spell it out loud so kate bosworth can hear...

  2. definitely an ultra motor bootleggy affair there bobby.even though we're now into the
    days of xmas past, maybe santa Ld will send
    you the hole canoli with love. especially
    since you asked nicely and you seem to be
    "lost in the rain in juarez" without it.

  3. i should also mentioned that the basement version appears on the soundtrack to the film. it's the last track on the second disc, and plays over the film's closing credits.

  4. You can find the basement tapes on as well as a lot of other great Dylan shows.

  5. don't make the old new-comer tell you my basement tapes story. you'll weep, like chach did. kisses. and, yes, i've always been tangled up.

  6. please don't tease,tell us your
    basement tapes story please.